1. Rodts, Mary Faut Editor, DNP, CNP, ONC, FAAN

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I am happy to announce that the Orthopaedic Nursing web site has undergone extensive renovation and will now provide you with even more information to help you in your daily practice. In today's environment, it is tremendously important for us to utilize whatever tools we have available to enhance our practice. We can do this through online supplemental activities such as literature searches, continuing education opportunities, and online sharing with colleagues. With that in mind, the new Orthopaedic Nursing web site is being made available to all NAON members as well as those who subscribe to the journal. There are many possibilities for our new website and we have launched the site with the items that our readers want most.

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* All of the articles from the last twenty-nine years are now available in an easily searchable format. The user can now search an article by author, topic, or keyword.


* Editor's Collections: The editorial staff will now have the ability to compile articles on particular topics and create collections. For example, our first collection will be on pediatric orthopaedic topics. We will compile articles in one spot for those needing information on pediatric orthopaedics.


* Personal Collections: You will also be able to create your own collections. You might decide to group those according to topics or something simple like "Mary's all-time favorites".


* eTOCs: Electronic Table of Contents-you will have the ability to view the table of contents electronically, download it, or bookmark it for use in the future.


* E-mail alerts: Decide what articles you want to know about and create a list of favorites which will create an e-mail alert when an article on that topic is published.


* See what your peers are reading: You will be able to see what articles are read or e-mailed most frequently.


* Announcements: Breaking news in orthopaedics!!



In the future, blogs, podcasts, and alerts of hot topics are just some of the things that we will bring to the readers of Orthopaedic Nursing. We will create a virtual orthopaedic community that will help drive lively interaction among orthopaedic nurses worldwide.


This is an exciting time for Orthopaedic Nursing. Please join us as we venture into a new era of publishing the information you need to improve your practice. Visit us at and begin to build your personal online practice space.