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Q I recently heard about Schwartz rounds. What are they?

Healthcare attorney Kenneth Schwartz founded the Schwartz Center before he died of lung cancer in 1995 at age 40. He realized during his short illness that what matters most when you're ill are the relationship, connection, and communication between patient and caregiver.1

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The Schwartz Center established Schwartz rounds to improve interdisciplinary communication, support caregivers, and enhance the patient-caregiver relationship. Utilizing a facilitator to guide discussion, the rounds have a prescribed format, starting with a case presentation from different disciplines followed by the sharing of experiences, thoughts, and feelings by the participants. Disciplines typically involved are nurses, physicians, social workers, and chaplains. Patients and families aren't usually included.


Over 165 hospitals across the country are committed to Schwartz rounds.1 The Goodman Research Group evaluated these rounds in 10 hospitals and found evidence of enthusiasm, better teamwork, increased insight into patients' psychosocial needs, and organization-wide improvements such as enhanced palliative care services.2


As one of the patients at my hospital once told a nurse manager, "I don't care what you know; I want to know you care." Schwartz rounds help bring the caring back. I urge you to visit The Schwartz Center Web site to learn more.




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