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Chinese, lower extremity, older women, performance-based, self-reported



  1. Chou, Kee-Lee PhD
  2. Macfarlane, Duncan J. DPhil


The objective of this study was to examine the association between self-reported and performance-based measures of lower extremity functioning and the extent to which other covariates, including sociodemographic variables, health indicators, cognitive function, depressive symptoms, and self-efficacy, are associated with these 2 measures. There is considerably less information concerning this association in an understudied population of elderly Chinese women. A random sample of 712 women aged 60 years and older was assessed and interviewed by 2 well-trained assessors. We found that the association between self-reported and performance-based measures of functioning was moderate (r = 0.37) and different covariates were associated with these 2 measures, with self-rated health being significantly related to both measures. The findings of this study indicate that the performance-based measure is more likely to be affected by affective and personality factors, while the self-reported measure is influenced by health-related factors.