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Clinical document architecture, Health Level 7 Development Framework, Medication administration



  2. CHO, HUNE PhD


We propose the creation of a standard data model for medication administration activities through the development of a clinical document architecture using the Health Level 7 Development Framework process based on an object-oriented analysis and the development method of Health Level 7 Version 3. Medication administration is the most common activity performed by clinical professionals in healthcare settings. A standardized information model and structured hospital information system are necessary to achieve evidence-based clinical activities. A virtual scenario is used to demonstrate the proposed method of administering medication. We used the Health Level 7 Development Framework and other tools to create the clinical document architecture, which allowed us to illustrate each step of the Health Level 7 Development Framework in the administration of medication. We generated an information model of the medication administration process as one clinical activity. It should become a fundamental conceptual model for understanding international-standard methodology by healthcare professionals and nursing practitioners with the objective of modeling healthcare information systems.