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development, empowerment, healthy workplace, Magnet, organizational culture, nurse leader, orientation, nurse manager, shared leadership



  1. Espinoza, Dana C. BSN, RN
  2. Lopez-Saldana, Anita BSN, RN, CCTC
  3. Stonestreet, Jana S. PhD, RN


In the stressful and increasingly complex world of healthcare today, the imperative to create and maintain a healthy work environment for nurses has taken on new relevance for administrators and nurse executives. Nurses are seeking positions in organizations with demonstrated positive work environments, such as Magnet hospitals, for their emphasis on the improved workplace culture. With this spotlight on the healthy workplace, we are reminded that the nurse manager plays a pivotal role in developing that work environment-one that fosters nursing excellence and keeps an engaged nursing workforce.


Institutions that do not provide an organizational climate that develops, engages, and empowers these nurse managers will find a revolving door at this level in the organization. To thrive in this evolving world of healthcare, we must make the correlation between an organization's commitment to developing and sustaining nurse leaders and the organization's ability to create a healthy work environment. Organizations that recognize the pivotal role that these nurse leaders play in creating a work environment that supports nursing excellence, shared leadership, and empowerment will embrace the strategies and best practices described in this article to achieve these healthy workplace goals.