1. Denier, Lois A. RN, BS

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I've subscribed to JCN off and on and recently decided to see what you're doing. Providentially the first issue I received had this article on disability ministry (July-September 2009). The article mentions the importance of nurses within the church to get involved. Since 1983, I've been a nurse involved in disability ministry and work as an advocate for people with disabilities. My nursing and scientific backgrounds partially qualify me to speak to the needs of people with special needs.


I am disappointed the biblical perspective became a minor point. The article could have been published in any nursing journal, and I was surprised to see it in a Christian one. The theological basis for disability ministry was barely mentioned and needed to be covered more thoroughly. Although JCN has previously addressed parish nurse ministry, it was not mentioned in this article. Furthermore, nurses can get personally involved in one-on-one ministry, and help educate volunteers.


There are many more resources to help churches and people with special needs. Some include:


* Joni & Friends (


* Handi*Vangelism (


* Rest Ministries (



-Lois A. Denier, RN, BS


Lansdowne, PA