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Rebecca A. Patronis Jones, Published: 2007 by F. A. Davis, Philadelphia, PA,, Price: $49.95, 452 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0-8036-1362-1, Soft cover.


* Reviewed by:


Betty J. Neron, MSN, ARNP, RNC


Community Nurse Case Manager,


Bay Pines VA Health Care Systems, Fort Myers VA Outpatient Clinic, Fort Myers, Florida


This book is the collaborative work of the author and 36 contributors who are primarily nurse educators and leaders. The result is a comprehensive textbook and study guide on the development and practice of nurse managers and leaders, with a nod toward the role of effective followers. In addition to the introduction of various theorists related to chapter topics and summaries followed by National Council Licensure Examination questions, the writers use a number of learning tools in each chapter. These include sidebars on related contemporary practice, research studies, evidence-based and best-practice examples, real-life applications, and discussion points.


Some of the chapter questions on like-minded theorists were difficult to answer even with chapter reviews. Also, the location of answers is not revealed in the book. This may present a problem for some learners until they discover the answers and related discussions are found on the CD-ROM that is included with each textbook. However, this CD-ROM is an educational bonus packed with learning exercises including crossword puzzles, flashcards, memory exercises, and PowerPoint slides. Both the text and CD-ROM invite participative learning.


This textbook is great for self-education but is best used in a classroom where open discussion and exploration are encouraged. As a nursing leadership and management learning guide, the expected topics on organizational structure, budgeting, team building, marketing, and cultural diversity are addressed. However, the role of the follower, advice offered to entry-level nurses, how to deal with professional failure, and management of self are some of the more unique topics that are thoughtfully presented.


This text is relatively easy for nurses to follow and one that students and educators will want to keep. If the textbook and learning vignettes in each chapter are used by the learner in conjunction with the CD-ROM, this immersion method in teaching management and leadership practice will certainly succeed.