1. Stone, Rosalyn MPH, RN

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If nurses want respect for their professional and ethical responsibilities, their leaders must not remain silent. Mary Deane Lagerwey's article depicts a silence that does more to condone than to unify. AJN had, and has, a responsibility to speak up.


The "displaced children" shown in the 1952 issue of AJN were not "healthy and happy"-they were mentally wounded. Calling concentration camp survivors "displaced" lessens the impact of what really happened. Atrocities such as the killing of Jews, people with disabilities, homosexuals, and the many other groups deemed unfit by the Third Reich did occur, and the nurses who allowed it or took part in it were in violation of nursing dogma and the moral responsibility they had to care for others.


I applaud the author for bringing this issue to the attention of a new generation of nurses, and to AJN, which had the courage to print it.


Rosalyn Stone, MPH, RN


New Rochelle, NY