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  1. Weierbach, Florence M. PhD, MPH, RN
  2. Glick, Doris F. PhD, RN
  3. Fletcher, Kathleen MSN, RN, APRN-BC, GNP, FAAN
  4. Rowlands, Aletha MSN, RN, CNOR, RNFA
  5. Lyder, Courtney H. ND, RN, GNP, FAAN


Hospitals as research environments are crucial in advancing evidence-based practice and translational research. The authors discuss issues related to hospital-based nursing research such as institutional review board approval, the HIPAA, structure, unit characteristics, and nurse staffing as well as research-related issues such as study purpose and design, participant recruitment, and research personnel. Strategies and suggestions for nurse executives to assist researchers in overcoming recruitment challenges are presented.