1. Kulesa, Marjorie G. RN, BS, ONC, CNOR

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As each year comes to an end, I am one of those people who like to reflect on the happenings of the year and send a "Year in Review" letter to family and friends. I enjoy looking back at the year and sharing what we have done, the joys and even the sorrows never with the thought that it has been a year to forget. Count the blessings, bless the hardships, and look toward the future with hope and encouragement. As this year in NAON comes to a close, we, too, can look at this past year, and although it has been a year that has its challenges, we look toward the future with hope and encouragement.

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The countries' financial problems have taken its toll on us all, and although NAON has been affected, we are strong. Our membership numbers are slightly less than last year but the Each One Reach One Campaign continues to be successful with many new members. Thank you to all those who have joined through this campaign and to those who have brought in the new members; keep up the excellent work!!!! It shows us how much you value NAON when you encourage others to join. Many of our members were not able to attend congress with the strength that they were able to do in the past. However, we were most encouraged that 50% of the attendees were first timers!!!! Under the leadership of our Director of Programs Jan Foecke and the Chair of the Education Committee Luann Theis and the committee, excellent options for education credit were better than ever with the ability to earn 39.15 education credits!!!! In spite of the rain, the Havana Nights Party was a big success with the opportunity to dance the night away and the costumes were outstanding!!!!


Our new Updated Orthopaedic Nursing Self Assessment Software CD is online. This revised program provides case studies and nearly 600 questions and answers about degenerative joint diseases, inflammatory diseases, metabolic bone diseases, neuromuscular/pediatric/congenital diseases, musculoskeletal tumors, sports-related diseases, and orthopaedic trauma injuries, diseases, and disorders."


Under a grant from Ortho-McNeill, patient education materials on total joint replacements will be on our Web site. Who better to create patient education materials for orthopaedic patients than orthopaedic nurses who strive each day to give quality researched-based patient care!!!!


Looking forward to 2010, NAON is financially sound because we had "prepared for the rainy day," and all monies realized above budgeted expenses for the past 5 years were in sound investments and allowed us to end the year on good footing. As we prepared for 2010, the board had some hard decisions to make in creating the budget but the one area we stood firm on were member services, education, and marketing NAON to new areas.


This next year, the NAON news will be entirely electronic. This will allow us the opportunity to hyperlink to other sites and information and expand the coverage of NAON. As e-mails change and are updated, we ask you to go to the Web site and update your information. Directions are EASY-use your NAON ID number (found on your membership card or on your Journal), the password of naonmem and log in. Look for update your information and enter the latest way we can contact you via the Web. While you are there, look at all the great offering on our Web site. Have a problem-contact us so we can guide you.


We plan to start the process of posting Orthopaedic Clinical Practice Guidelines on our Web site for free access in 2010. This will give NAON the opportunity to offer research-based standards of orthopaedic care to be used by nurses and other allied healthcare professionals.


Our board is strong with many talented people. Under the guidance of Fred Brown, the mentoring program is taking a new direction with a program that will help develop member leaders. We invite you to go to the Web site and look at the program to see if you want to be mentored. We strongly believe that we have talented members, and we want to tap into you and your resources to allow you to see where you can serve NAON. I believe that everyone can LEAD, but it is our responsibility to you to give you direction and guidance and see where your talents can best serve NAON.


After the New Year, the NAON slate will be posted on the Web. I ask you to vote. In the past, we have heard: I do not know the candidates, I am not sure if my vote makes a difference and other reasons for not voting. I invite you to contact the candidates-ask them: Why did you decide to serve NAON in this way? How can you move NAON into its next decade? BUT most of all I ask you to vote. Show those who have stepped out in this way that you support NAON, them, and the voting process.


As you receive your membership renewals, please know that we value you and your continued commitment to NAON. Know that your board wants to hear from you if you have suggestions for education, partnering opportunities, and concerns, or just want to talk about where NAON is going-contact us.


This year's theme is NAON at 30: Memories and Momentum. Hopefully NAON memories are in your blessings for this year-are you a new member or have you been a member for many years? Were you at congress or can you plan to come to Seattle in May? Did you achieve certification this year or is this something for 2010? Did you bring someone into NAON or is this the year that you can do so?


As I end this letter, I extend my personal wishes to each of you for a wonderful holiday season and only blessings of goodness in the New Year.