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critical care, education, e-learning, nursing education, web 2.0



  1. Ratka, Janice Rovira BSN, RN


The 21st century has ushered in many new trends and tools in education. A myriad of articles, Web sites, and books offer enticing possibilities that Web 2.0 tools may increase learner engagement, improve interactivity, and allow tailoring of education to the learner. Classroom training is trending downward, and Web-based training is on the rise. But is the Internet really the answer to educators' prayers, or is it just another flash in the pan? The sheer number of technological tools and delivery methods available can be mind-boggling. This article reviews some of the basic terminology and tools that are readily available for use in delivering education via the Internet. Benefits and barriers associated with e-learning are discussed from the evidence found in nursing and education literature and the personal experiences of a nurse educator in a multihospital system.