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That's a wrap!!

Unimed-Midwest introduces its new Wrap-It bandages for uniform compression and support. Made from latex-free and breathable nylon lycra fabric, the reusable bandages feature hook-and-loop closures and are machine washable and gas or steam sterilizable. Wrap-It bandages are available as 12-inch-long wrist wraps and 36-inch-long compression wraps for the knee, elbow, foot, thigh, and ankle in a variety of widths and colors.

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Go with the flow

The Tru-flo urinary catheter valve from ProtekMed offers an alternative to the standard tube and bag system. Designed to be used in place of a bag, the valve connects to the end of the catheter tube and slides open and closed by hand. The Tru-flo's secure, leak-free seal allows the catheter to be drained directly into a commode at the convenience of the patient. By eliminating the need for a bag and using shorter catheter tubing, the catheter system is easily concealed, helping to restore patient comfort, dignity, and a more active lifestyle.


One dressing, two layers

Systagenix Wound Management introduces the Silvercel nonadherent antimicrobial silver dressing, composed of a highly absorbent inner layer of silver alginate and a perforated nonadherent outer layer that protects the wound while allowing unimpeded flow of exudate into the dressing. Suitable for infected, chronic, and acute wounds, the dressing can be easily removed in one piece without adhering to the wound bed, which can help protect the wound from potential damage during dressing changes. Silvercel conforms to the wound bed and is effective against viruses, fungi, and over 150 strains of microorganisms, according to the manufacturer.

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