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Canada, child health, critical analysis, English, environmental health, environmental toxicology, health screening, housing, infancy and childhood, lead poisoning, nursing theories, prevention and control, risk factors



  1. Perron, Amelie PhD, RN
  2. O'Grady, Kelly A. BScN


Occurrences of childhood lead poisoning resulting from exposure to residential sources of lead is an underresearched area in Canada. Dixon and Dixon's Integrative Model for Environmental Health Research substantiates this claim by grouping Canadian research on this health topic into the model's 4 domains: physiological, vulnerability, epistemological, and health protection. This process is useful not only for identifying research gaps within the Canadian context but also in setting the groundwork for a future critical analysis to illuminate the sociopolitical and economic influences that shape healthcare knowledge, and ultimately, influence how healthcare providers and policy makers produce and use this information.