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clinical nurse specialist, evidence-based practice, quality of care



  1. Tuite, Patricia K. MSN, RN, CCRN
  2. George, Elisabeth L. PhD, RN, CCRN


There are many changes occurring within the healthcare system today, bringing forth multiple challenges for nurses. Changes in reimbursement for hospitals and staffing shortages are impacting the ways that nurses are delivering care. During these changing times, it is essential that healthcare providers strive to maintain high-quality care and patient safety. Utilizing evidence-based practice (EBP) to guide the delivery of care is one way to ensure that high-quality outcomes are achieved. EBP is one of the driving forces to improve clinical practice and ensure patient safety within the healthcare system. The clinical nurse specialist is very instrumental in facilitating quality care and implementing EBP within the healthcare setting. Through the development of a multidisciplinary committee, the clinical nurse specialist can lead professional nurses in the implementation of EBP and facilitate practice changes to improve patient outcomes.