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  1. Demiralp, Meral
  2. Hatipoglu, Sevgi
  3. Iyigun, Emine
  4. Demiralp, Bahtiyar
  5. Cicek, Engin Ilker
  6. Basbozkurt, Mustafa


PURPOSE: To describe the experiences of the family caregivers of patients with malignant musculoskeletal tumors.


DESIGN AND METHODS: Descriptive qualitative approach using a semi-structured interview guide.


SETTING: Orthopaedics Department of the Gulhane Military Medical Academy in Ankara, Turkey. A total of 11 family caregivers aged 25-62 years were recruited.


RESULTS: The analysis revealed 5 themes: religious attributions in terms of the cause and treatment of the tumor, the effect of malignant tumor on daily life, the tendency to think positively and constructively and find meaning through caregiving, the anxiety about the prognosis of the malignant tumor, and the support received from significant others.


CONCLUSION: It is important to develop effective nursing care to family caregivers of patients with malignant musculoskeletal tumor to understand the physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences in their lives.