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Indoor Tanning, Skin Cancer Risks, Tanning Beds, Patient Education, Tanning Laws and Policies



  1. Kurian, Anil


In the past two decades, publicized health campaigns have targeted the detrimental effects of indoor tanning on skin health. Unfortunately, these health warnings have not parlayed into a reduction in tanning bed usage. On the contrary, the popularity and usage of tanning beds have been growing exponentially in North America and many other parts of the world. Indoor tanning has become incorporated into the current sociological culture of adolescent youth, particularly young women, as being normative behavior. These trends should raise concern among nurses and other healthcare providers as they may translate into an increased incidence of skin cancers in the future. Effective strategies need to be developed directed to those at highest risk, policies and legislation concerning adolescent tanning must be implemented and enforced, and a change in the sociological culture among youth concerning the use of tanning beds must take place. A coordinated effort is needed to prevent a growing incidence of skin cancer associated with the increase in the use of indoor tanning facilities.