1. McFadden, Diane MSN/MPH, RN

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This poster describes the etiology and clinical manifestations of rhinophyma and one treatment option (rhinophymectomy). Rhinophyma is a progressive disfigurement of the nose, considered the most severe form of rosacea. Rhinophymectomy is the surgical removal of excess tissue with a wire-loop-tip electrosurgical device and/or blade.



Information in the poster was compiled by case reviews of patients at the University of Colorado Hospital and by literature review. The author provides direct care to patients undergoing rhinophymectomy and describes successful nursing interventions based upon evidence-based practice.



Patients with severe rhinophyma benefit from nursing interventions that address the disfigurement and social isolation often associated with their disorder. Patients undergoing rhinophymectomy and their families and care providers require education about the risks and benefits of this procedure, proper wound care, pain control, and emotional support while adjusting to their changed appearance.



Rhinophymectomy is an appropriate but often underutilized treatment option for patients with severe rhinophyma. Nursing interventions can significantly benefit patients undergoing this procedure and help their family members and care providers participate in the healing process.



Dermatologic surgery nurses improve patient outcomes by delivering creative interventions to patients with severe rhinophyma undergoing rhinophymectomy.




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