Focus On: Achieving Your Advanced Nursing Degree

Are you considering pursuing an advanced degree in nursing? The time to do it is now! With options such as online programs and employer-based incentives, achieving an advanced degree in nursing is within reach. Explore the articles below and learn why it is important to further your education and how to put a plan into action. Also, take a closer look at the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree. 



What educational preparation means for your career and our profession.

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Making decisions and putting your plan into action.

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Disruptive Innovation in Graduate Nursing Education: Tipping the Scales for Online Education
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Strategies for Pursuing a Master’s Degree
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Navigating a Research-Focused Doctoral Program in Nursing 
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Picking your priorities: An educational pathway
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Can You Go the Distance? Attending the Virtual Classroom
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What does it mean to be a doctoral prepared nurse?

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So you want to...Get a DNP
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