Head-to-Toe Assessment Checklist and Nursing Resources

AdobeStock_178514650.jpegPerforming a full physical assessment takes time and practice. Learning a step-wise approach and breaking down special techniques can help you master physical assessment skills, recognize subtle changes, and ensure rapid intervention when changes occur. Our clinical editors have created the Pocket Cards below, along with supplemental blog posts, tables, and infographics to help you master the health history, full head-to-toe physical assessment, and focused assessments by body system. Your skills are important to provide best care, inform other members of the healthcare team, and improve outcomes.


Physical Assessment Pocket Cards

Special Techniques in Physical Assessment

Head to Toe Assessment
The Health History
General Assessment
Mental Health Assessment
Pain Assessment
Nutritional Assessment
Neurologic Assessment
Cranial Nerves
HEENT Assessment
Pulmonary Assessment
Cardiac Assessment
Breast Assessment
Gastrointestinal Assessment
Integumentary Assessment
Musculoskeletal Assessment
Neurovascular Assessment
Female Genitourinary Assessment
Male Genitourinary Assessment
Digital Rectal Examination