Advice and Resources for New Nurses

Congratulations and welcome to your first year as a new nurse!

Advice & Resources for New Nurses

Clinical and Continuing Education Resources

Guideline SummariesClinical Guideline Summaries

Use these evidence-based guideline summaries to stay up-to-date on current recommendations supported by the latest evidence.


critical_thinking-(1).jpgNursing Practice Specialties

Learn about specialty career opportunities  and get specialty specific resources.


Nursing Pocket CardsNursing Pocket Cards

Get quick on-the-unit guidance for 57 essential nursing skills.


Continuing Education – CEConnectionContinuing Education – CEConnection

Find high quality CE resources that meet your license-renewal needs and continuing education certification requirements. 


Nursing JournalsNursing Journals

Find articles from nearly 70 trusted nursing journals, including AJN and Nursing2023.


AJN Back to Basics collectionAJN Back to Basics collection

Brush up on complete blood count components, metabolic findings and sodium and water in the body.