Hyperglycemia in Hospitalized Adult Patients

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Release Date : April 21 2023

Hyperglycemia in Hospitalized Adult Patients in Non-Critical Care Settings

This guideline summary supports health care professionals in the management, assessment, and treatment of diabetes and hyperglycemia in the inpatient noncritical arena. Recommendations have been provided in the following areas: continuous glucose monitoring; continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion; inpatient education about diabetes; predetermined glycemic goals preoperatively; neutral protamine Hagedorn (NPH) insulin usage for hyperglycemia related to glucocorticoid usage and enteral nutrition; noninsulin treatments; carbohydrate (CHO)-containing oral fluids preoperatively; CHO-counting for dosing of insulin at meals; and insulin treatments, either corrective and/or scheduled (basal or basal bolus).

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