Preventing Medication Errors in Nursing

How can we, as nurses, prevent medication errors? Our role is critical as we are the last line of defense against medication errors.

To reduce errors, we must follow the rights of medication administration, which includes involving the patient and their family in the process, among other rights. We must also ensure we are well-rested, free from interruptions, and using the most up-to-date resources for drug information.

Our institution is also critical in making sure our access to resources, as well as our policies and procedures for medication administration, are optimal.

Preventing Medication Errors in Nursing

Preventing and Reducing Medication Errors

Reducing medication errors is critical. In addition to recognizing common medication error risk factors, nurses must implement workplace strategies to prevent adverse drug events.

Measures to Prevent Medication Errors Include:

  • Minimize and address confusion, inexperience, fatigue and other factors that affect performance.
  • Ask for assistance when dealing with high volume or medically complex patients.
  • Double-check dosing of medications, especially high-alert medications.
  • Clarify drug, dosage, frequency and other details with the pharmacist or prescribing healthcare provider if there is any uncertainty.
  • Recheck calculations; perform double-checks when necessary.
  • Check for drug allergies and contraindications before administration.
  • Check for renal and liver dysfunction before administering medications.

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