Medication Error Articles and Stories

Medication errors are one of the most common health threatening mistakes affecting patient care today. This is apparent by the number of medication error stories a nurse encounters during his or her career.

Deaths resulting from medication errors are not only tragic for patients and their families, but these errors can cause lifelong shame, guilt and depression for the healthcare professionals responsible.

Medication Error Articles and Stories

Sharing Your Medication Error Stories

By sharing our medication error stories and experiences, we can learn from one another. We are all human and mistakes occur. While many medication errors are due to a flawed system, when we are involved in a medication error, it affects us personally.

Some Benefits of Talking About Personal Experiences

  • Improvement in feelings of shame and guilt
  • Reduction in unhelpful or inaccurate perceptions
  • Organization of traumatic memories through repeated recounting of the story
  • Promotion of understanding and empathy
  • Increased connectedness with colleagues
  • A sense of empowerment
  • Drawing attention to faulty reporting processes
  • Shifting the blame culture

Collected Medication Error Articles and Stories

As nurses, we strive to avoid harm while caring for patients. Read the medication error articles and stories below to learn more.

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