Ethics & Standards

Nursing ethics are the values and principles governing nursing practice, conduct, and relationships between the nurse and patient, patient’s family, other healthcare professionals, and the public. Regardless of practice setting or specialty, nurses face ethical challenges every day in areas such as patient rights, autonomy, informed consent, advanced care planning, end-of-life decision making, and confidentiality to name a few. Ethics guide how we should treat one another, how we should act, what we should do, and why. The American Nurses Association established the Code of Ethics for Nurses in 1950 to support the ethical obligation of nursing. Having a firm understanding of the most updated standards can help nurses make decisions regarding patient care, leading to optimal patient outcomes. 

In this Ethics and Standards library, we’ve  assembled resources to help you provide the best care to your patients. Our Pocket Cards are quick, handy references to utilize when obtaining informed consent or managing ethical conflicts. Refer to the Guideline Summaries to learn need-to-know information from the latest recommendations. Our infographics, tips and mnemonics, and blogs are additional resources to help you during your nursing career. 

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