Never Events Collections

It is critical that as a nurse, you use evidence-based protocols to provide safe patient care and minimize or avoid the occurrence of “never events,” or medical errors that should never occur. We’ve created the Never Events Collections below to help you understand best practices to maximize patient safety and help you meet your continuing education needs. More...

Never Events: Air embolism
4.8 contact hours - $21.95

Never Events: DVT & PE associated with knee and hip replacements
3.5 contact hours - $21.95

Never Events: Falls
6.1 contact hours - $19.99

Never Events: Pressure Injuries stage III & IV
4.0 contact hours - $21.95


Letter from Center for Medicaid and State Operations
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Never Events


PLEASE NOTE:  Coupon codes cannot be used towards purchase of CE collections.

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