Topical CE Collections

NursingCenter has created these topical bundles of nursing continuing professional development (NCPD) activities from across Lippincott's peer-reviewed, evidence-based journals. All of these collections have been deeply discounted from our regular price of $12.95/contact hour. With these online Topical CE Collections, you can save time and money by earning a larger amount of contact hours at a discounted rate.

January CE Savings!

IV Therapy
Earn 6 contact hours and save $36.90!
January 25, 2023 is IV Nurse Day! Take advantage of this special collection related to IV therapy.

Human Trafficking
Earn 6.1 contact hours and save $34.90!
January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Here's a new collection related to human trafficking to increase your knowledge and improve patient care.

Alzheimer Disease
Earn 6 contact hours and save $42.85!
Caring for patients and families affected by Alzheimer disease and other forms of dementia presents unique challenges. Use the articles in this collection to review recommendations and improve outcomes.

More CE Savings 

Alcohol - Screening, Misuse, & Risk Factors for Withdrawal
8 contact hours - $35.95

Use this collection to review the need for screening older adult patients for alcohol use and misuse; describe the state of substance abuse in nursing students as portrayed in the literature, including common themes, implications for new policies, and further research; learn about a project implementing an evidence-based alcohol screening tool at a university health clinic; and brush up on identifying risk factors for severe alcohol withdrawal syndrome (SAWS) in an acute hospital setting.

Atrial Fibrillation
3.5 contact hours - $21.95

Review the pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, and diagnosis of AF and outline urgent and long-term treatments for AF. Also, learn predictors of poor outcomes in stroke patients treated with IV rtPA.

12-lead ECGs
4.8 contact hours - $21.95

Brush up on basic 12-lead ECG interpretation and learn how to identify common abnormalities, including bundle branch blocks, changes with acute MI, and common dysrhythmias.

5.5 contact hours -
Review the mechanisms by which vaccines prevent illness and death and strategies for increasing immunization compliance. Also, brush up on best practices for administration, and improve safety and quality of care while setting the stage for long-term adherence to immunization schedules.

Legal Issues in Nursing
5.3 contact hours - $27.95

Review the functions of the boards of nursing, as well as examples of professional misconduct for nurses and methods to protect a nursing license. Learn a medical malpractice defense attorney's suggestions on the best way to chart a fall and how to interact with the patient/family and Licensing Board officials in a fall situation. Also, discover the elements required for a patient abandonment charge & what nurses can do to avoid a charge of employer abandonment, plus the nurse's obligation to incur risk versus society's duty to protect nurses.

5 contact hours - $27.95

Use the articles in this collection to update your knowledge of terms related to the LGBTQ community, recognize challenges and healthcare disparities, review assessment strategies that will encourage communication, apply strategies conducive to providing inclusive and affirming care, and identify nursing interventions to improve outcomes. 

New Nurse Basics
10.0 contact hours - $27.95

Brush up on some of the basics related to assessment and patient safety, including preventing falls and best practices for discharging a patient.


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