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Acar, Allen test, arterial spasms, Carpentier, conduit, dysesthesia, harvesting, modified nondominant arm, patency rates, radial artery, revascularization



  1. Schouchoff, Barbara RN, BSPA, MHSA, CNA
  2. Belhumeur, John PAC


In the early 1970s, patients underwent myocardial revascularization with a radial artery graft. Soon after its introduction as an additional arterial conduit, postprocedural complications were observed, and the use of this conduit was abandoned. A resurgence of the radial artery as a free graft was seen 20 years later. This article will discuss the background, renewing interests in the use of the radial artery, selection of candidates, perioperative preparation, medical/nursing considerations, and postoperative outcomes from an interdisciplinary approach.