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Elength of stay, midazolam, pacemaker, patient education, patient learning



  1. Schuster, Melinda M. MSN, CRNP, CS


This pilot study (N = 20) tested the effects of intravenous midazolam administration on learning retention after pacemaker implantation. Patients were randomized to receive teaching at 1 or 3 hours after the last dose of midazolam. Using a standardized teaching format, one of two study nurses performed the teaching that included incision care, activity restrictions, environmental factors potentially affecting pacemaker function, and follow-up requirements. Learning was evaluated by one of the investigators blinded to teaching time. Subjects in the 1-hour group retained significantly less information than those taught at 3 hours after drug administration. Patients taught later answered similar numbers of questions correctly, whereas there was much more variability in correct responses for the group taught earlier. This article reviews the effects of midazolam on memory and learning as well as provides suggestions for alterations in patient education protocols for patients receiving midazolam for pacemaker implantation. The effect of shortened length of stay on care practices is also discussed.