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methodological diversity, middle-range theory, theoretical framework



  1. Acton, Gayle J. PhD, RN, CS
  2. Irvin, Barbara L. PhD, RN
  3. Jensen, Betty A. PhD, RN, CS
  4. Hopkins, Barbara A. PhD, RN, CNAA
  5. Miller, Earline Westphal PhD, MPH, RN


Debates about methodological diversity and the most appropriate paradigm for scientific inquiry are still flourishing within the community of nurse scholars.Rather than continuing to debate these controversies, the authors of the article suggest that nurse researchers set aside methodological differences and move to discover the truths that will build the foundational base of nursing and, thus, advance the discipline. This article discusses the multiple methodological perspectives used to explicate middle-range concepts from the theory and paradigm for nursing, Modeling and Role-Modeling. Each author will demonstrate how combining different approaches and methodologies can be helpful in exploring and validating middle-range concepts.