1. Weinrich, Sally RN, PhD, FAAN
  2. Weinrich, Martin PhD
  3. Hardin, Sally RN, PhD, FAAN
  4. Gleaton, Jim PhD
  5. Pesut, Daniel J. RN, PhD, CS, FAAN
  6. Garrison, Carol RN, PhD


This cross-sectional survey measured relationships among blood pressure and measures of psychologic distress, family structure, and economic status in a sample of adolescents exposed to Hurricane Hugo. Spielberger's Anger Scale and Derogatis' Brief Symptom Inventory were used. Data analysis revealed 5% of the 1079 adolescents were hypertensive. Multiple regression analyses revealed the following predictors of higher diastolic blood pressure: African-American race, recipient of subsidized lunch, exposure to Hurricane Hugo, and higher anger-in scores in males. The effects of a catastrophic event such as a hurricane on blood pressure and the effects of introjected anger have implications for both health care consumers and providers.