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behavior, disease prevention, health promotion, health protection, lifestyle, prevention



  1. Kulbok, Pamela A. DNSc, RN
  2. Baldwin, Joan H. DNSc, RN
  3. Cox, Cheryl L. PhD, RN
  4. Duffy, Rosemarie MSN, RN


Attention must be redirected toward health promotion as nursing evaluates the goal of health for all.Confusion regarding health promotion behavior is illustrated by terms with diverse meanings and uses. In a process of critical analysis, five multidisciplinary experts in health promotion responded to a survey targeting the distinction of health promotion, health promotion behavior, health protection behavior, disease prevention behavior, preventive health behavior, health behavior, and healthy lifestyle. Descriptors of health promotion were derived from a multidimensional conception of well-being. Disagreement existed concerning health protection and health behavior. Nursing interventions are linked to reflective discourse regarding health promotion behavior.