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caring, critical phenomenology, diversity, intercultural experiences, nursing education



  1. Kosowski, Margaret M. RN, PhD
  2. Grams, Kathryn M. RN, PhD
  3. Taylor, Gloria J. RN, DSN
  4. Wilson, Carol B. RN, PhD


Socially responsible nurse educators articulate the need to explore opportunities for nursing students to participate in experiences that promote caring and respect for diversity. This research illuminates the experiences of 10 African-American nursing students who participated in caring groups while enrolled in a predominantly White nursing education program. Although the meanings embedded in the African-American students' stories revealed commonalities with those of European-American and international students, there were also some differences. The authors maintained a critical social consciousness to analyze and describe these commonalities and differences. This article discusses the constitutive patterns and themes that emerged from the data and addresses implications for nursing education and practice.