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documentation review, multidisciplinary committee, pain improvement, pain management, quality assurance



  1. Wallace, Kathleen G. PhD, RN
  2. Graham, Kathy M. MS, RN
  3. Bacon, Douglas R. MD
  4. Chang, June I. MD
  5. Doyle, Kathleen M. RPh
  6. Fallacaro, Michael D. DNS, RN, CRNA
  7. Frohm, Karl D. PhD
  8. McIntosh, F. Natalie MS, RN
  9. Spaulding, Monica B. MD
  10. Steinbrenner, Lynn M. MD
  11. Stilwell, Maria E. RN, BSN
  12. Trinidad, Virginia F. MD
  13. Ventura, Marlene R. EdD, RN, FAAN


The article reports a study whose purpose was to develop and test the Patient Record Pain Management Assessment Tool, an instrument to evaluate compliance with the American Pain Society's quality assurance standards on acute pain and cancer pain in chart documentation. Content validity, overall validity, and interrater reliability were all found to be acceptable. The instrument is therefore a useful tool for documenting the level of pain management practice in institutional settings.