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clinical effectiveness, clinical practice guideliness, clinical tools, consensual validation, evidence-based practice, nursing standards, professional practice model



  1. Westmoreland, Donna RN, PhD
  2. Wesorick, Bonnie RN, MSN
  3. Hanson, Diane RN, BSN, MM
  4. Wyngarden, Kathy RN, MSN


Clinical Practice Model (CPM) Practice Guidelines facilitate the delivery of consistent, high-quality patient care by clarifying nursing services and supporting the practice and documentation of each step of the nursing process. CPM Practice Guidelines are unique because they are part of an integrated interactive systems thinking framework to support professional practice; they are reviewed and improved routinely using multiple sources of data and are used by hundreds of nurses daily throughout the United States and Canada. Guidelines are developed using a rigorous standardized format and process. Consensual validation is an important part of establishing and maintaining the credibility of these Guidelines.