1. Divertie, Viky MSN, RN, CS


Asthma the most common chronic disease in childhood continues to be associated with high rates of morbidity mortality despite improved treatment protocols. Lack of adherence to individual treatment plans has been implicated in these poor outcomes. The purpose of this article is to assist the nurse in identifying obstacles that might limit adherence to treatment offer practical suggestions for promoting adherence in pediatric patients. The reasons that children children's families fail to adhere to individual treatment plans include financial barriers misconceptions about asthma cultural influences mistaken health beliefs. In addition family education about asthma management can be inadequate. An efficiently run asthma program which includes family education easy telephone access to the provider prompt attention during exacerbations frequent follow-up can improve adherence. By eliminating barriers to adherence maintaining open communication consistent positive support nurses can help children with asthma attain maintain the highest quality of life.