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  1. Winter-Collins, Alison MSN, RN
  2. McDaniel, Anna M. DNS, RN


This study investigated the relationship between sense of belonging and job satisfaction in the new graduate RN. Ninety-five new graduate RNs answered a survey about demographic information and work setting, as well as their satisfaction and sense of belonging in the work environment. McCloskey-Mueller's Satisfaction Scale and a modified version of the Hagerty-Patusky Sense of Belonging Instrument were used. The conceptual framework was derived from Marlene Kramer's work on Reality Shock (1974). Results showed new graduates were most satisfied with coworkers and least satisfied with professional opportunities for advancement. Sense of belonging and total satisfaction were highest in the home healthcare setting. A Pearson r was used to determine relationships between sense of belonging, total satisfaction, and satisfaction sub-scales. Sense of belonging had significant positive relationships with total satisfaction, interaction opportunities, praise, control, coworkers, and scheduling. Possible future research suggested examining how orientation and work group numbers may affect job satisfaction and sense of belonging.


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