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  1. Krairiksh, Marisa PhD, RN
  2. Anthony, Mary K. PhD, RN


Objectives: To investigate the relations among staff nurses' participation in phases of the decision-making process related to decisions in nursing practice, competencies of nurse manager leadership, and nurse-physician collaboration.


Methods: This study is a secondary analysis of the Variations in Nursing Practice Model study. The data were derived from the responses of staff nurses to a questionnaire asking about their participation in decision making, their perception of the competency of nurse manager leadership, and their collaboration with physicians.


Results: Nurse-physician collaboration contributed to greater participation in all phases of both caregiving and condition-of-work decisions. The competency of nurse manager leadership had a small but significant positive correlation with participation in decision making, but it did not have a significant effect on phases of participation in both types of decisions.


Conclusions: The study findings provide evidence to support the relations among an organizational structure, an organizational process, and a provider process of healthcare. Further research is needed to clarify the relation among structure, process, and specific outcomes.