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Internet, Research tool, Website, Survey, e-mail



  1. Thomas, Barbara RN, EdD
  2. Stamler, Lynnette Leeseberg RN, PhD
  3. Lafreniere, Kathryn PhD
  4. Dumala, Richard MA


This article outlines the methodology of using the Internet to survey an international population of women about their perceptions of breast health education and screening. Issues to consider in planning and implementing the research project by Internet are presented. A large population of women from North America and elsewhere was reached through the establishment of a website with linkages to other sites frequented by women. Women who visited the website were asked to complete a questionnaire. Anonymity was guaranteed and simple instructions were provided at the site. Benefits, limitations, and tips for success in using the Internet as a research tool are presented. These investigators found the Internet to be an appropriate medium for health-related research that also garnered national and international media interest. The address for this website is