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  1. Brunt, Barbara A. MA, RN,C


Using the Cervero model of behavior change and questionnaires developed by Brigham, Ryan, and Elkins (1996), this study assessed the impact of a workshop on behavior change. Data on the individual professional (receptiveness), proposed change (feasibility), social system (climate), and program (quality), as well as self-report data about outcomes (expertise and actions) were included. Information on perceived expertise was obtained before the workshop, immediately after the workshop, and 3 months after the workshop. Information on actions initiated by the participants was obtained 3 months after the workshop. There were 70 participants in this study, with a variety of educational backgrounds and nursing experience. A matched test comparing expertise between time 1 and time 2, as well as time 1 and time 3 was significant at p = 0.00. There were significant correlations among the four variables influencing behavior change and actions and expertise. All except one participant in the study reported taking specific actions after the workshop. The mean number of actions taken was 4.0, with a range from 1 to 9. These findings indicate that a continuing education program can lead to behavior change.


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