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Neonatal nursing, Substance abuse, Neonatal withdrawal syndrome



  1. D'Apolito, Karen PhD, RN


Purpose: To determine if the use of a mechanical rocking bed with maternal intrauterine sounds would decrease symptoms of withdrawal and promote neurobehavioral adaptation in drug-affected infants.


Methods: This was a repeated measures experimental design, with infants randomized to a standard bed or a rocking bed. The sample consisted of 14 full-term infants who were prenatally exposed to methadone plus other illicit drugs.


Results: Infants receiving the rocking bed therapy experienced a significant increase in withdrawal symptoms and sleep deprivation and displayed suboptimal neurobehavioral functioning on day 7 of life.


Implications: The results suggest that the use of a mechanical rocking bed may be overstimulating for these fragile infants during the acute period of withdrawal.