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  1. Murray, Bruce P. PhD, CAE, CHE
  2. Fosbinder, Donna DNSC, RN
  3. Parsons, Robert J. PhD
  4. Dwore, Richard B. PhD
  5. Dalley, Karla MS, RN
  6. Gustafson, Gary MPA
  7. Vorderer, Lawrence H. CHE


The authors present a leadership profile of employed nurse executives(NEs). Interviews and survey data show that the typical NE is a married, middle-aged woman who has a masters degree in clinical nursing and extensive clinical experience. When comparing NEs' and influential colleagues' perceptions of the effectiveness of NEs' leadership skills, the former rate themselves higher than the latter, and both groups perceive that NEs' leadership styles are more "task motivated" than "relationship motivated." The authors apply these findings to the career planning of NEs, chief executive officers, and educators in healthcare fields.