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Electronic meetings, Nursing education, Computers in nursing, Research collaboration, Employee evaluation



  1. O'Brien, Barbara S. PhD, RN
  2. Renner, Alice L. MEd


Expanded application of electronic meeting software (EMS) in the business world is attributable to its discovery as a time saving and cost effective strategy for team building and group process. Group process and team building are equally important functions within the higher education environment but frequently consume hours of attention with limited productivity. Enhancements in EMS programs promise exciting solutions for completing crucial activities including strategic planning, negotiating, problem solving, consensus building, faculty/staff evaluation, multidisciplinary research and classroom instruction. The College of Nursing and Health at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio has been "wired for thought." This article presents applications of GroupSystems electronic meeting software from Ventana Corporation, Tucson, Arizona, for solving problems encountered in administration, research collaboration, and classroom teaching within the College.