1. Grams, Kathryn PhD, RN
  2. Kosowski, Margaret PhD, RN
  3. Wilson, Carol PhD, RN


In response to the call to reclaim caring in nursing, an associate of science in nursing degree program recently incorporated a curriculum that emphasizes the teaching and learning of caring. To accomplish this goal, caring groups composed of nursing faculty and students were established. The caring group experience involved the creation of a safe place in which nursing students and faculty could engage each other in a reciprocal dialogue of sharing and support. This article reports the findings of a qualitative study designed to discover and describe the lived experience of being in a caring group from the perspective of nursing students. Participants reported being more aware of the meaning and importance of caring in their personal and professional lives, being more accepting of others, and valuing caring and self-care more. They also expressed an intention to recreate the caring group experience in future practice settings. Conclusions from this study address the pedagogical measures necessary to sustain care and caring as the essence of nursing.