Interactive videodisc instruction, Traditional lecture/demonstration, Intravenous therapy skills



  1. DeAmicis, Patricia A. BSN, MS


A study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of interactive videodisc instruction (IVDI) with the traditional lecture/demonstration as an alternative method for learning and performing a critical nursing skill. Students were assigned randomly to a treatment group that worked in small groups to complete the IVDI on intravenous therapy skills and a control group receiving the same content in a classroom lecture/demonstration format. After the instruction, each subject performed a re-demonstration of the learned skills using specific guidelines. Results revealed that although the IVDI group scored higher on the overall re-demonstration, there was no significant difference in the ability of the two groups to effectively perform this critical nursing skill. These findings support the use of IVDI as an alternative self-paced, independent study method for learning psychomotor skills and are consistent with previous studies, which indicate that working in small groups on the computer has a positive effect on self-efficacy and achievement.