1. Hill, Pamela D.
  2. Humenick, Sharron S.


Psychometric properties of the H & H Lactation Scale, based on the Insufficient Milk Supply (IMS) conceptual framework, were examined in two separate studies. The two convenience samples consisted of 110 mothers of low-birth-weight (LBW) infants and 120 mothers of healthy term infants. Both groups planned to breastfeed and were actively breastfeeding or pumping to maintain a milk supply. Subscales identified by factor analysis measured three concepts: maternal confidence/commitment to breastfeeding, perceived infant breastfeeding satiety, and maternal-infant breastfeeding satisfaction. All subscales showed moderate to high internal consistency (alphas .75 to.98) as well as concurrent and predictive validity. The total scale and the three subscales were prospectively, significantly related to level of breastfeeding 8 weeks after delivery with both groups of mothers.