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  1. Kreitzer, Mary Jo PhD, RN
  2. Wright, Donna MS, RN
  3. Hamlin, Carol MS, BAN
  4. Towey, Sue MS, RN, CS, LP
  5. Marko, Margo BAN, RN
  6. Disch, Joanne PhD, RN, FAAN


In the midst of organizational change and transition, the need for a healthy work environment is greater than ever. Leaders may be in a position of leading staff on a journey they would rather not be on. Although there may not be a choice of destination, there are many decisions to be made along the way that will impact the health and quality of the journey. Creation of a healthy work environment does not occur overnight. It requires acknowledgment of the reality of the present environment, clear behavioral expectations and standards, systems, and structures to ensure the organizational changes are enduring and a means to assess continually the health of the work environment. Leaders have an opportunity and a responsibility to structure organizations in such a way that dignity, integrity, honesty, and compassion are preserved.