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  1. Miller, Anna M.
  2. Champion, Victoria L.


A survey examined self-reported mammography use in a convenience sample of 1,083 women 50 years of age and over. Relationships were examined between ever having mammography; 3-year adherence to mammography guidelines; the predisposing variables of attitudes, knowledge, health history factors, and selected demographics; and the enabling variables of income, health insurance, source of regular medical care, and type of regular physician. Logistic regression analysis for ever having a mammogram identified significant odds ratios (OR) > 1 (p <= .05) for doctor recommendation for mammography (OR = 14.26), satisfaction with way of living(OR = 2.77), perceived benefits of mammography (OR = 1.35), and knowledge (OR= 1.21). Odds ratios < 1 were found for scaled variables of barriers and control (OR = .81 and .65, respectively). For 3-year adherence, significant odds ratios > 1 were annual Pap tests (OR = 3.36), willingness to pay >=$50 for mammography (OR = 2.00), benefits (OR = 1.20), and knowledge (OR = 1.18). The odds ratio for control was significant at .85.