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Education, Computers, Information technology, Faculty development, Nursing informatics



  1. Carty, Barbara RN, EdD
  2. Rosenfeld, Peri PhD


A research survey was conducted on a stratified random sample of National League for Nursing accredited diploma, associate, baccalaureate, and master programs to determine the status of computer and information technology in nursing education. Fifty-five percent (n = 190) of the 347 selected schools responded. Compared with national statistics, all programs (diploma, associate, and higher degree) were proportionately represented. Findings indicated that schools have almost universal access to computers and educational software. However, further data analysis indicated that a majority of schools lacked a coordinated plan for technology implementation and were underfinanced for technology and related personnel. In addition, less than one third of the schools addressed nursing informatics (the information of nursing) in the curriculum and only 19 schools indicated that nursing informatics was offered as a separate course. Successful strategies for the implementation of computer and information technology are presented based on the findings.