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Child development, Domestic violence, Family violence, Spouse abuse



  1. Shay-Zapien, Gina MSN, ARNP, RNC, CNS-BC
  2. Bullock, Linda PhD, RN, FAAN


Abstract: This article synthesizes research that has examined the impact of abuse on women, fetuses, and developing children. Intimate partner violence affects the lives of millions of women, sometimes in ways we have yet to understand. Despite the research in this area, the full impact of abuse on the long-term physical and psychosocial well-being of women and their families is not fully understood. There are data, however, that suggest that lifelong health changes may be linked to patterns of abuse. Intimate partner violence during pregnancy has an impact on not only the woman but the developing fetus and the extended family. It is essential that all women be screened for intimate partner violence, and that nurses understand interventions that have been shown to be effective for this group of patients.