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Culture, Postpartum depression, Social support.



  1. Callister, Lynn Clark PhD, RN, FAAN
  2. Beckstrand, Renea L. PhD, RN, CNE, CCRN
  3. Corbett, Cheryl APRN, MSN, FNP


The purpose of this article is to describe what the -literature has shown about postpartum depression (PPD) in culturally diverse women. The majority of qualitative studies done with women identified as -having PPD have been conducted with Western -women, with the second largest group focusing on Chinese women. This article reviews the qualitative studies in the literature and discusses how the management of PPD in technocentric and ethnokinship cultures differs. Social support has been shown to be significantly related to fewer symptoms of PPD, and culturally prescribed practices may or may not be -cultural mediators in decreasing the incidence of PPD. Nurses should be sensitive to the varied ways in which culturally diverse women perceive, explain, and report symptoms of PPD. Exemplary interventions for culturally diverse women suffering from PPD are examined in this article as well, although it is clear that additional research is needed to develop models for culturally competent interventions for PPD in culturally diverse women and to document the outcomes of such interventions.